Welcome to immigg.com. This is the website of photographer, writer and teacher SocH.  This website is a halfway house between heaven and earth; a delicate balance of the truth of the outstanding results of creation and  communications with its creators. There is no greater question I can think of than this: If we believe in more than what the eyes can see how wrong can we be because what we see is more wonderous, more amazing and more beautiful than anything we can imagine.

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The newsletter is new and will be about Thailand culture and usually people I have met. The diary is about my views about spirituality and is my ongoing personal search to find meaning and peace and love in my life. I have found so much love and joy already with my relationship to God: An Alan Watts, Dali Lama, Christian, Red Indian, Hindu, Sikh, Australian Aboriginal, Moslem and Carl Jung kind of God. My parents, my family, partners: past and current and my beautiful children and friends. I have one thought that takes me from one dream to another and that is that we believe so much in the God in the book and not enough in the God in creation.